What they learn

Every week we will have a new theme to learn about. Parents will receive a newsletter in the beginning of every month that will include a monthly calendar, planned themes, and other
topics. My curriculum will always aim to be culturally sensitive and inclusive.
Curriculum will include activities that incorporate: math, cognitive skills, language with ASL, science, art, fine and gross motor skills, life skills, and sensory.

What kinds of themes will we have? Here are some examples: Where are we? Geography!, Bugs!, Dinosaurs, To the Rescue!, etc.

Activities will include both indoor and outdoor activities, weather permitting.

Reading will be an important part of our day. We have many of our own books but we also use the local library to keep our reading materials fresh. I plan books as a part of our curriculum every day but there are always more books for kids to choose from.

Every day, parents will have a list of books that we read so that you can talk to your children about the at home.