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Fun with Imagination

Nurturing Curiosity

At Growing Minds we think kids should be free to be curious. They should not hear ‘No’ every time they touch something. That is why we do our best to create a ‘Yes’ environment. That means that if they can touch it, they can play with it, mostly. There will be plenty of opportunities where they learn about appropriate behavior and learning what they can and can't touch. But the way we are set up, they will be free to explore, play, and be curious, without constantly being told ‘No’.

Continuity of Care

Children love their caregivers. Some are slow to warm up, but when they do, its something special. Daycare centers have high turnover rates for many reasons. When I was working at a center, day after day, my husband would pick up our kids and ask how their day was and the teacher didn't know because they hadn't been there. With the Growing Minds family, your child will have consistency from the time they begin, to the time they head off to kindergarten. You will always know how their day was and have an idea of what they did. You will never have to worry about your child growing attached to a caregiver who is just going to leave after a few months. Ms. Sheighlyn is the Owner and Lead Teacher of Growing Minds Family Daycare. At times there may be substitutes and assistants, but Ms. Sheighlyn will always be there.

Mother and Baby
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Learning from the Ages

Daycare should be like a blend of home life and school. One way that it will be like home is that we do not segregate by age group. Children are able to advance at their own rates and abilities rather than being held to what is expected by their age group. Babies are able to learn from their older peers and their older children will learn from interacting with their younger peers.

When kids of different ages learn and interact together, their cognitive, social, and emotional development are enhanced.

The best part is that families learn together and we think that families belong together.

  • Four date nights for during the school year included with tuition.

  • We provide diapers, wipes, diaper ointment, and other common OTCs.

  • Online billing and parent/provider communication app.

  • Knowing that your child is in the care of a mother who wants to provide your child with the same quality of care that she expects for her own children.

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