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Full Time

Full-time enrollment is for families who need 4-5 days a week. This plan is available for all age groups. 
Prices range from $170 to $200 depending on age group and diapering needs. This includes diapers for children still in diapers and date nights.

Part Time

Part-time enrollment includes 3 days per week. This is open to children ages 2+ and must be the right fit for our program This plan includes diapers for children still in diapers and date nights.
Part-time enrollment ranges from $120-$130 depending on diapering needs.

Drop in

Drop-in care is offered but space is limited and not guaranteed. Children must be ages 3+. Younger children will be considered on a case by case basis.
Prices range from $45-$50 per day. Date nights and diapers are not included.
All drop-in enrollments require a $25 registration fee.

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Infant tuition, age 3 months to 12 months, prices range from $190-$200.


Tuition rates for children age 12-24 months are $130 for part time and $180 for full time.


Rates for children age 2+ do not decrease until they are fully potty trained. When they are fully potty trained, rates decrease to $170 for full time and $120 for part-time.


Tuition payments are due prior to care. These payments are not associated with attendance, but for enrollment.